Welcome to the Evans Syndrome Community Network (ESCN).

ESCN  is an organization dedicated to helping those around the world whose lives have been touched by Evans Syndrome (ES). This includes those diagnosed with ES, as well as their families, friends, loved ones, health care providers, and so on.

Our organization is not administered by healthcare professionals, and should never take the place of your physician(s) or their opinion(s). We are every-day people, just like you. Our members are all ages, from every continent, and every level of education.

Evans Syndrome is an uncommon condition defined by the combination (either concurrently or sequentially) of an attack on two or more lines of blood, including red blood cells (Autoimmune Hemolytic anemia), platelets (Ideopathic Thrombocytopenia or ITP), and white blood cells, also known as leukocytes. This occurs when the immune system mistakenly targets these cells for destruction, and the spleen subsequently destroys them. Autoimmune cytopenia can be a sign of systemic autoimmune disease, such as Lupus or other connective tissue disorder, and the patient should be tested appropriately. (Mikhail Shtivelband, MD, PhD, and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16398647)

The Evans Syndrome Community Network is completely not-for-profit, and we are working on getting our 501c3 rating.

ESCN’s mission: To provide a safe place for networking between individuals whose lives have been impacted by Evans Syndrome (ES); to make available scientific and educational material, online and in medical environments, fostering learning about ES among our Community and the general public. We will assist families affected by ES with travel, lodging, and medical expenses; collaborate with other organizations that share our vision, and fund autoimmune research to benefit our international Community.

ESCN’s Motto: Together we can make a difference, standing shoulder to shoulder.

Thank you for joining us.

Constance McNamara Romanowski
Founder and President
Evans Syndrome Community Network